Welcome to FairHearing - the website which actively promotes
the fair pricing of private sector hearing aids in the UK.

Our key mission is to ensure that anti-competitive & unfair trading practices
are kept out of the UK hearing aid retail sector.


In the last few years we have blocked two attempts by large corporations
and one attempt by a medium size firm to distort the UK retail hearing market.

On occasion we also work with the UK regulatory authorities
to assist with their investigations
into suspected illegal trading practices.  

Please visit this webpage periodically - we will be posting updates as they occur.

We can be reached via email at: info@fairhearing.net

You can also find much useful information at the Office Of Fair Trading website: 


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    Edmund Burke    1729 - 1797
FairHearing.net is a privately run independent website which has no connection with any office of the UK Government.